Content of the book

The knowledge and wisdom of the traditional Lakota Cannupa (Pipe) maker Sonny Zimiga (Blue Cloud).


The content: Our friendship and general; the story about White Buffalo Woman; the importance of the Pipe in the Lakota culture; the Zimiga family, traditional Lakota Cannupa makers; the old Lakota values; the different kinds of Cannupas; the Pipe craft; differences between the old days and today; parallels to other cultures; Lakota Medicine people and healing; thoughts about the future and the prerequisites for a positive change.


For many years Sonny wanted me to write his knowledge and experiences in a book. Sonny said: “Over the years Stefan (Steve) you have collected so much knowledge like no other man I know. You are the only person I trust and I am sure you don’t lie to other people and you describe the Lakota way how it really is”.


Sonny and I decided to write the book in the form of an interview. The main reason why we wrote the book in the form of an interview was to make sure that the knowledge was delivered as authentical as possible and without the influence of Western thinking."

The Lakota values

"A person who prays with the Cannupa should live by the old Lakota values : respect, generosity, wisdom, fortitude, courage, humility, kindess. If you live by these values, you will have a strong bond with the creator and you will be happy ». Ultimately, there are instructions on how to be happy and have a fulfilling and amazing life."

Example of Sonny's craft

An example of Sonny’s Cannupa: A fancy stem (with turtle symbols) and a fancy Pipe (eagle head). This combination is a typical family Cannupa and is used by women and men.

The Cannupa craft

Making the Cannupa is an old craft. In the old days the Cannupa maker was one of the most important person in the Lakota society.