The Zimiga family, traditional Lakota Cannupa makers

"The spirits who guide me and who guided my ancestors pushed me to make Cannupas. This is the reason why I think the spirits give their power to every Cannupa through my hands. If a person makes Cannupas only for money and not with a deep respect for the Cannupa and our culture, then they won’t have power. The spirits won’t bring the right power into these Cannupas. 


I tell you all the time that when I put power into a Cannupa, a part of my own power leaves. I always rub the bowl with my hands when I am finished making it. The old man Fools Crow told me: Don’t put so much power into the Cannupa, otherwise you will die sooner. Little by little your health is going”. 


Sonny's knowledge comes from his father, grandfather, old medicine people and from elders

Sonny: “A lot of what I know comes from asking questions when I was young. I asked the elders, my father and grandfathers. A lot of elders and Medicine people come to visit our family. Even Frank Fools Crow senior and junior, for example, lived with us every year for a certain time. My father and grandfather were both Pipe makers and the Medicine men always came to us when they needed Cannupas”.